Corporate culture recognised as a key value driver 

Posted in Engagement and Brand on 3 October 2016 By Claire Forrest, Client Director

As discussed at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) seminar last month, culture is becoming increasingly recognised for the role it plays in generating sustainable growth.

Its press release outlines the results of a report they commissioned, exploring the importance of culture to long-term commercial value and how corporate cultures are defined, embedded and monitored.

Whilst many companies believe they have a strong culture, it is best practice to periodically review whether it is articulated consistently across the whole organisation.  Although usually a matter for HR or communications teams, it’s also important to consider its impact in the context of corporate reporting as it forms an integral part of the investor case.

You can take a look at some case studies showing the way in which Emperor develops programmes that define, communicate and embed corporate culture by clicking here.


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