Corporate governance requirements for AIM companies

Posted in Reporting on 2 August 2018 By Samantha Trillwood, Corporate Communications Analyst

From 28th September 2018, AIM companies will be required to disclose details of a recognised corporate governance code that the board of directors has chosen to apply. A company will have to outline how it complies with its chosen corporate governance code and, where it deviates from the code, provide an explanation for doing so. 


What might this look like in practice?

AIM Rule 26 states that a corporate governance statement should be published on the company’s website and must include the date of when it last reviewed its compliance with its chosen code, which is expected to be updated annually. 

The statement can cross-reference to other materials, for example the corporate governance section of the annual report.

With the deadline approaching, we are beginning to see examples of how AIM-listed companies are addressing the new requirements. Young & Co.’s Brewery, P.L.C. provides a comprehensive corporate governance statement on its investor website that outlines how it has applied the QCA Corporate Governance Code (2018 edition*) and sign-posts to additional information in its 2018 Annual Report.

Further guidance on the corporate governance changes can be found in the London Stock Exchange’s latest Inside AIM update.

Read our quick guide to meeting the new requirements: AIM Rule 26 - are you ready?


 *The QCA Corporate Governance Code has been updated this year to account for the recent changes to the FRC’s UK Corporate Governance Code




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