Creating employer brand content that zings

Posted in Employee on 10 October 2018 By Susannah Gerner, Client Director

Your employer brand reflects everything that makes your organization a great place to work. But what's the best way to talk about it online? We've got six killer tips to help you create content that people want to read, watch and share.

01. If you've got it, flaunt it

There's no point in being shy. Always show off your best bits; whether that's diversity, talent development, your workplace or your approach to flexible working. Use everything you can to bring these qualities to life. Blogs, soundbites, video...whatever works.

02. People tell their own stories best

Let your people share their experiences in their own words. By creating content that features real people and personal stories, your message is more authentic and compelling.

03. Speak to specific audiences

The more precise your message is, the more powerful. Wherever you can, tailor and target your content to specific audiences. Signpost this clearly on your careers site and promote it across social channels.

04. Play to personal ambition

People are increasingly motivated by careers that allow them to make a difference in the world and achieve important things. Bring your purpose and your responsibility to the surface and invite people to join your cause.

05. Communicate socially

Social channels provide the perfect platform to share content that starts a conversation. They give people the opportunity to build a relationship with you, and offer an insight into how it feels to be part of your community. Candidates will build a picture from reviews and discussion on Indeed, Glassdoor and Linkedin, and building a team of advocates is a powerful way to activate this content.

06. Learn from the experts

Attend our event on 8 November where you can learn how Emperor's approach to employer branding is changing corporate communications. Join our experts and guest speaker from A.G. Barr as they talk about their employer brand journey. Register and find out more here.



Why focus on employer branding?

With the growing competition for talent, companies are having to work much harder to attract and retain the best people.

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