Emperor becomes a Climate Positive Workforce

Posted in News & Sustainability on 21 April 2021 
By Lynn Dickinson, Director of Responsible Business

This week, we signed up with Ecologi to become a Climate Positive Workforce. This means that we will be planting trees in our company forest and financing carbon reduction projects around the world. The offsetting projects are all best in class and tree planting is on top of funding renewable energy solutions as the trees need time to mature to be able to play their role in the carbon cycle.

Our entire personal carbon footprint will be offset including emissions from our home, personal travel, holidays, TV and food etc., based on the annual average UK persona. Also included is a business travel allowance of 5,000 miles by car or no more than 2 short-haul return flights or train mile equivalent, annually. Fewer than 40% of us would have used this allowance before the pandemic but others would have used more. So we will be establishing a policy and setting new targets to ensure that our business travel footprint does not return to previous levels. 

"Becoming a Climate Positive Workforce demonstrates our commitment to climate action in the year of COP26 alongside a programme of work to update our environmental policies, set targets and drive new initiatives to ensure that as an organisation we focus on mitigation and reduction going forward alongside offsetting. So watch this space for more action over the coming months".

Lynn Dickinson, Responsible Business Director


Responsible business is our commitment to having a purpose beyond profit and one of our four key strategic pillars as outlined in our annual report. It is making sure that we have best practice systems and programmes in place and can demonstrate that we create a positive impact for our stakeholders. We believe that it is key to being the agency of choice; to attract and retain talent and be an attractive partner to our clients as part of their value chain.

Find out more about Ecologi at ecologi.com.


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