Emperor celebrates 10 years in Birmingham

Published in News on 18 December 2018By Sue Bradley, Marketing Manager

Emperor’s Midlands office was launched a decade ago shortly before the 2008 financial crisis. Despite the inauspicious timing, led by co-founders Claire Forrest and Steve Mason, the team flourished and has now delivered 10 years of consistent growth.

In Autumn 2008, Claire Forrest and Steve Mason were invited to the Emperor London office where they were asked to open and manage an Emperor office in Birmingham. It was an offer they hastily accepted!

A flurry of activity followed. An office lease, new furniture and the hiring of an account manager and studio manager took their new team to four, but things didn’t look so promising when only two weeks after the launch, the world was plunged into a financial crisis by the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Despite the obvious concern brought on by the worst day in the economic history of the UK, the new team were determined to make the new office a success. Claire and Steve went to a host of client meetings, running between Manchester, Wales and London and were soon winning new clients. As a testament to the team’s focus on customer service over the years, the Birmingham office still retains two of its original clients from day one, MoneySupermarket.com and Park Group.

Emperor Birmingham now has a strong Midlands client list featuring Headlam, Real Estate Investors, Mercia Technologies and Cadent, and building long-standing client relationships has been one of its key strengths. This has largely been thanks to the commitment of its people over the years.

Looking forwards, the City is currently transforming itself with massive growth throughout the region and Emperor is well placed to take advantage of that as a strong regional agency.

It’s been a great 10 years, which has gone at a fast and furious pace, but Claire and Steve are hugely proud of what they have achieved and proud of everyone involved. There is a great culture within the team with strong values. At its core is creating great work and delivering a great experience for everyone involved - that’s what makes the difference.



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