Employee ownership: One year on

Posted in News on 20 January 2021 By Steve Kemp, Co-Founder & CEO

Today we celebrate our first year as an employee owned business. And while we navigated the choppy seas of pandemic and lockdown, 12 months of employee-ownership has flown by.

Emperor's move to employee ownership: Emperor's move to employee ownership

So, what has being employee owned meant to us this last year? 

A big focus has been on listening and ensuring the views of our partners – through voice sessions, drop-ins and our Happiness Index (our weekly internal anonymous feedback survey) can input into the success of our business. 

We’ve collectively considered the future of flexible and blended working, promoted our principles and pledges, supported teams to open our new creative hub in the Midlands, and increased transparency around financial reporting to help us make razor-sharp decisions. 

A key part of this is our Employee Board, which plays an active role, supporting partners and working with leaders to make sure voices are heard and we add value to decision making.

It’s certainly a journey for us and while we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, the last year has only cemented the need to listen, involve and care for our people. We are collectively responsible for our continued growth and success and it’s in our hands to create a truly sustainable business.

We look forward to many more milestones on this exciting journey. I’ll sign off with a quote from Helen who has been instrumental in driving the success of the Employee Board. 

It’s been a fantastic year - but not in the way we would normally measure it - fantastic resilience, fantastic determination, fantastic spirit... and of course fantastic work by fantastic people : )

Helen O’Brien Employee Board Member, Creative Director and Partner




Emperor becomes employee owned

Nearly 25 years after we opened our doors, Emperor is transitioning to be an employee-owned business.


Introducing Emperor's new Employee Board

As part of our transition to employee ownership, Emperor has established an Employee Board.