Emperor Presentations celebrate three years

Posted in News and Presentations on 1 September 2021 By Dale Smith, Director and Patrick O'Donovan, Director

In September 2018, we embarked on a mission to become the UK’s leading presentation design team. Since then, the team has grown at a rapid rate taking on some of the best design and project management talent in the industry. As the world transitioned from face-to-face presenting to virtual, they continued to help our clients deliver the most engaging, creative, and captivating stories.

It’s been hugely rewarding over the past three years to see our clients take the leap and transform the way they present. PowerPoint has been on our machines for such a long time, it’s understandable why it is often overlooked and undervalued. The truth is that in the right hands, this tool can be an incredibly creative solution and do so much more for an organisation.

With a team of 15 and big plans for further growth in 21/22, we deliver between 50–70 projects each month. These range from small slide deck tidy-ups, to delivering the most creative and high-impact, large-scale conferences and events (and everything in between). Of course the sales/investor/conference decks will always be spotted on the screens of our designers; however, it’s the interactive sales tools, enhanced template solutions, animated content and social toolkits that really allow us to show just how creative and powerful the medium can be.

When lockdown hit and we saw a shift from physical to virtual presenting, it became more important than ever to deliver presentations that could hold the focus of an easily distracted audience. Getting to the heart of the message, shortening, simplifying, humanising, storytelling, and the visualisation of data became even more crucial than ever before. As we move back to a hybrid physical/virtual work life, this will only continue.

While it’s tricky to say if we’ve completed our mission of becoming the UK’s leading presentations team, we will keep pushing ourselves and our clients to produce best-in-class work that makes a real difference. Our secret sauce is that we love what we do and it shows in every project we deliver.

If you would like to find out more about how you can raise your presentations to the next level, then please get in touch at [email protected] or take a look at some of our work on emperor.works/presentations.


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