Emperor's first annual report

Posted In News & Reporting on 01 March 2021 By Claire Fraser, Head of Stakeholder Communications

After 25 years as an independent agency, this report is an important milestone in improving our corporate and financial transparency. Not least, because in January 2020 we became an employee owned business and our annual report acts as a contract of trust between Emperor and our stakeholders.

As one of the UK’s leading strategic and creative communications agencies, we’ve applied our own principles for great communications. Below you'll find an interactive online version, which tells our story and sets out all the key, top-line information. You can download the full report as a PDF for a deeper dive, with greater detail and insight, into our year.

Emperor Annual Report 2020




Emperor celebrates 25 years in business

2021 marks 25 years since Steve Kemp and Noel O’Connor opened Emperor’s doors for business. Since then they steered Emperor to become one of the UK’s leading creative agencies, while growing a team of over 230 talented people.


Employee ownership: One year on

Today we celebrate our first year as an employee owned business. And while we navigated the choppy seas of pandemic and lockdown, 12 months of employee-ownership has flown by.