Empowered women empowering women

Posted in News on 11 March 2021
By Victoria Sugg, Group Business Development Director and Claire Fraser, Head of Stakeholder Communications

International Women’s Month gives us the opportunity both to celebrate the women at Emperor and scrutinise our approach to diversity and inclusion - in our business and more generally. 

Emperor’s ethos and culture empowers our partners, encourages active participation and informed decision-making, and allows all partners to share in the choices, successes and responsibilities of the business.

Above all in our business, we see empowered women empowering women leading by example, supporting each other, being amazing everyday, at every level, in every location.

International Women’s Day this year is particularly calling out the need to choose to challenge, to help forge a gender equal world. 

While we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, we are only too aware of the ongoing need to listen, involve and care for our people. We are on a journey and are not afraid to continually challenge ourselves and make improvements.

Enjoy an uncensored perspective from the women in our business

“The Emperor culture allows us to seek out strong women, colleagues and clients alike, to befriend, support, align with, collaborate, learn from and be inspired by!” Polly, Client services 

“As a woman, I'm empowered by fellow women in senior roles at Emperor, their knowledge and ability to get things done is inspiring every day and has given me the footing to always speak my mind and challenge ideas at any level. There's no sense of a glass ceiling at Emperor, the supportive and encouraging women I work with each day allow me to grow and actively nurture my own ambition.” Hannah, Business development

“As a junior member, I've personally found that there's a real effort to get you involved in project work across Emperor's offerings, always encouraging you to widen your experience and knowledge. A big takeaway for me is that everyone I work with is always extremely patient and willing to help, getting you involved in any projects that interest you.” Rachael, Account management 

"I can't think of a time where I've felt like I've been treated differently because I am a woman, I've never once felt like I can't voice my opinion or ideas out of fear it would be dismissed in a room full of colleagues. Emperor will always give you a platform for your voice no matter your sex, race or age and that in itself is a liberating feeling in a working environment." Marisa, Bid coordination

“I consider myself lucky to work for an agency with a strong female voice. But I think the biggest thing to acknowledge is that sometimes at Emperor, just as in life, things are not perfect. It is my unshakable duty to make sure that I fix those imperfections for the younger women that are following behind me. Within Emperor, my community, my country, my world. It's not about individuals, it's about the collective.” Tracy, Creative

“The culture at Emperor provides a perfect balance of inspiration, space and support. I feel inspired by amazing colleagues, I'm given space in which to explore ideas and develop myself, our business and that of my clients - and I'm given support in all the right places, when I need it.” Leanne, Brand strategy

“I feel empowered as for me personally gender isn't an issue which is how it should be. We are on an even keel; included, treated and given opportunity equally - the only place where I'm not sure if that holds true is remuneration but I would hope it does.” Christina, Brand strategy

“The culture at Emperor pushes me to speak up, encourages me to empower others and helps me to strive in my role.” Louise, Account management

“I've always felt confident to express my goals and ambitions to my line manager and senior colleagues who have been very encouraging and supportive in my learning and development.” Katie, Account management 


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