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Posted in Events on 16 February 2021 By Sarah Eklund, Marketing Manager


At Emperor, we’re always looking to share the latest insight to support you in delivering your communications strategy and take it to the next level. This year, we’re also celebrating 25 years of business and as part of that anniversary, we’re looking at what sustainable business means in 2021 for our clients. 

To kick off our 2021 events season, we’re sharing the cutting-edge insight and expertise of our consultancy team in a series of virtual sessions, partnering with our network of experts and organisations to get to the heart of the burning issues and challenges of today. 

We have a range of events over the coming months, with first up:

D&I: Diversity and inclusion or disruption and innovation?

10 March | 9:30–10:30am 
Sasha Scott, CEO, Inclusive Group; Darryl MeadHead of Employee Experience, Emperor
Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of company culture. It brings different perspectives, employee voice, representation, innovation, ideas and much more. 

Many organisations are now reporting on gender pay and most have initiatives or ambition to become more diverse.

But beyond that, how do you create an inclusive culture where people feel like they belong? Diverse teams perform better, and as we are now at a time when businesses need to survive as well as thrive, so how can inclusion and belonging drive disruption and innovation? What are companies doing to involve and engage their employees? How does D&I attract and retain talent and what should it do for your employer brand? Where do you start when developing a strategy?

The purpose of the event is to:

  • understand the shift in importance and scope for D&I;
  • share an outline approach to embedding D&I into your business; and
  • share examples and learning of companies that are on their journey.


Reporting on risks, uncertainties and scenarios

11 March | 2–3pm FULL
23 March | 2-3pm Spaces available 

Claire Fraser, Head of Stakeholder Communications, Emperor; Andrew Hyland, Project Manager, FRC Lab; Thomas Toomse-Smith, Project Director, FRC Lab
The FRC's Financial Reporting Lab is currently undertaking a project on reporting on risks, uncertainties and scenarios.
As part of the project, we will be joining up with the FRC Lab for an intimate, virtual roundtable.

The discussion will focus on how risk management processes are evolving in light of the climate crisis, COVID-19 and diversity. We will also be exploring the crossover between risk and materiality, risk in the Boardroom and horizon scanning.

We’d be delighted if you could join us for the discussion to share your insights and experiences. 


Take Control. Why brand and culture needs ownership

16 March | 11am12pm
Keith TaylorHead of Brand, Emperor; Darryl MeadHead of Employee Experience, Emperor 
The company experience is undoubtedly in a period of extreme change. Amid a period of extreme upheaval, the very purpose of business is coming under scrutiny as stakeholders everywhere question its role in society.   

Alongside that, we have had a huge number of conversations with clients recently that touch on both the brand and culture spheres – while a client may come in with a question about one side, it invariably has strong implications for the other. The reason is, they are inextricably linked and all talk to delivering your overall business strategy.

What our clients really want to know is; how is the future beginning to shape itself, how do I plan for tomorrow when we understand so little about today, what are my peers planning and what could best practice look like?

In 2020, we ran two concurrent surveys, one on brand and one on corporate culture, to which we had 328 respondents in total. This information was then analysed and trends identified.

These trends, as well as a series of questions to question them, were discussed in two focus groups comprising industry professionals to generate qualitative, in-depth insight. Our latest white paper presents these insights, as well some of the key findings and statistics, alongside viewpoints based on the extensive experience and expertise of the Emperor team.

We look forward to sharing our findings with you and talking to you about our key thinking on brand, culture and employee experience for 2021 and beyond.


The untapped value of your corporate website

29 April | 10–11am
Cameron Gunn, Head of Digital, Emperor featuring clients (who we'll announce closer to the date)
The right corporate website should be creating business, reputation and stakeholder value for your organisation. 

Your corporate website is one of the most important channels you have, but have you ever thought it could be working much harder for your organisation?

This session will identify the value you can create with your website and help you level up your approach from a basic corporate site to a valued business tool.

In the session we’ll cover:

  • The types of value your website can deliver
  • What the best corporate websites have in common
  • Why we need to start thinking about the Digital Stakeholder Experience
  • Insights from those on the ground and how they’ve taken their organisation on the journey towards great digital communications
  • 10 practical takeaways to immediately improve your website beyond the usual checkbox
  • Q&A

This session is for clients of all sizes who manage or have responsibility for their company’s corporate website.

If you’d like to book your place at one (or more) of our sessions, please contact [email protected] stating which event/s you would like to attend.


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Keeping communications out of lockdown

Over this period of uncertainty, we have taken the opportunity to provide intimate sessions for clients. These covered a range of topics to support our clients both in the short-term delivery of their communications priorities, and longer-term food for thought for when we emerge from the current pandemic to a changed world.


Emperor celebrates 25 years in business

2021 marks 25 years since Steve Kemp and Noel O’Connor opened Emperor’s doors for business. Since then they steered Emperor to become one of the UK’s leading creative agencies, while growing a team of over 230 talented people.