Evolving your culture

Posted in Engagement, White Papers on 13 June 2019 By Darryl Mead, Head of Employee Communications and Engagement

How to measure, develop and report on culture.

In order to understand how companies are currently reporting on the role and importance of culture in supporting and driving business success, we have researched 75 annual reports and put together our findings in this white paper. We looked across the FTSE 350 and different sectors and markets.

We have identified five key themes from our analysis, and we'll share tips for understanding and shaping your culture and how to report on your progress against each part of our research.

01 Leadership

Unsurprisingly, the impact leaders have on our culture is high. Employees model the behaviours they see and hear; they will scrutinise the decisions they experience and look for clues from leaders on how to act, what's acceptable and what's not.

02 Performance and strategic progress

Culture is central to the performance and strategic progress of an organisation. In this section, we explore why it matters and how culture can drive performance.

03 Measuring and demonstrating culture

Many businesses are keen to understand how to assess culture, as it is often talked about as being soft, fluffy, HR-led, or difficult to measure.

04 Alignment and linkage to business model

A key challenge for companies when defining and shaping the right culture is how to articulate it in a meaninful way; one that is aligned with how the business operates, its strategy, business model, KPIs and risks.

05 Employee engagement and employee voice

Providing an effective platform for the employee voice to be heard can be a challenge for companies, but will have a real impact.

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