Five golden rules for AIM websites

Published in Digital on 3 August 2017 By Lloyd Nicely, Digital Consultant

Five digital considerations for AIM and Smallcap listed companies.

1. Live by the rules: comply with AIM Rule 26

Make no mistake. Your website MUST be in keeping with AIM Rule 26. This outlines information that should be on your site, including:

- Description of the business
- Investing policy
- Directors' details and responsibilities
- Operations
- Shareholders' rights
- Articles of association
- Securities
- Reports and notifications

Emperor’s examples: 

Arden Partners

Mereo BioPharma


 2. Use what you have: don’t forget Annual Report content

Don’t forget that you’ve already got a load of content at your fingertips!

Make the most of your Annual Report information by bringing it to life online.

Using charts and interactive infographics will help illustrate financial and company detail, including the strategic framework, business model and KPIs. Using additional engaging content (such as video and animation) will enhance your messaging.

Creating a summary online report can drive greater traffic to your printed version, and help users to gain an overview before reading the full report.

Don’t forget analytics can help to show you the popularity and effectiveness of this content.

Emperor’s example:



3. Keep focused: articulate your investment case

It is important to create a compelling investment case which is clear, succinct and clearly signposted on your corporate website.

  • Include a clear explanation of the purpose and objectives of your company
  • Expertise and strategy
  • Strengths of the leadership team
  • Industry and customer base, with related risks and uncertainties

This detail might be available throughout your corporate website but it can help the user experience if all this content is available on one destination page.

Emperor’s example:

OPG Power


4. Bring it alive: embrace compelling video content

Video is a great way for your stakeholders to gain further insight into your brand, your people and your business culture.

You might want a video to give a company overview, insight into your latest results announcements or employee testimonials.

Using moving imagery on your homepage banner will present who you are, and your vision and objectives in an engaging and impactful style.

Emperor’s examples:

Produce Investments



5. Reach out to all audiences: don’t neglect job seekers

Clearly articulate your employer value proposition so that prospective candidates fully understand what it means to work for you. Focus on the features and benefits of a career with your company.

Content can focus on a number of the following aspects:
- Culture
- Locations
- Employees (including testimonials)
- Reasons to work for your company

An engaging video is also a real turn-on for job seekers.

Job seekers are usually the biggest single group of visitors to corporate websites.

Bowen Craggs, 2017

Emperor’s example:

Produce Investments



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