Introducing Emperor Presentations

Posted in News, Presentations on 10 January 2019 By Steve Kemp, CEO and Co-Founder

Emperor launches it's new presentations division.

After reacquainting with Dale Smith and Patrick O'Donovan, two highly talented presentations professionals, I am delighted to announce that Emperor has joined forces with their team to establish Emperor Presentations. We have all been blown away with the quality of their work which is so impressive it’s hard to believe it was created in PowerPoint.

Dale Smith commented, "Whether it is selling your proposition to investors, communicating strategy and performance to staff, or pitching for new business, we take great pride in producing high quality, impactful and memorable presentations."

Please visit for more information, and if you have a project you need help with, contact Dale directly at [email protected].


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“That’s not PowerPoint”

Before I joined Emperor, I mentioned to CEO Steve Kemp that every time I present the capabilities of PowerPoint to a customer, someone in the meeting says - almost to the word - “That’s not PowerPoint.” What then ensues is a little battle where I have to show them that, in fact, yes, it is PowerPoint.