Introducing Emperor's new Employee Board

Posted in News on 22 January 2020 By Steve Kemp, Co-Founder & CEO

As part of our transition to employee ownership, Emperor has established an Employee Board.

L-R: Jo Brinsden, Sam Trillwood, Steve Kemp, Helen O’Brien, Darryl Mead and Imran Hussain. Missing from photo: Jennie Robertson and Kathryn Cairns.

Emperor has recently announced that it has transitioned to an employee-owned business. This is a really exciting development for us and we believe it will protect our strong culture, while bringing clarity to the future of Emperor and allowing our colleagues to share in our success. 

As an employee-owned business, it is essential that there is clear and strong governance around how the company is run and a mechanism is in place to allow the views of our partners to have their voice heard.

To this end, we have set up an Emperor Employee Board to represent the views and opinions of our partners and share responsibility for the health of the business. It will take part in decision-making and make recommendations to the main board.

I truly love what Emperor does for its employees and this conversion (to being employee owned) is further evidence of the great culture and how Emperor looks after its employees. 

Imran Hussain, Employee Board member


The Employee Board comprises six members drawn from across the company and one independent chairperson, who will also have a seat on the main board. We have initially chosen six members for a fixed term of two years who we believe will form a strong and engaging team. In the future, the employee board will have elected representatives to ensure the employee voice is both heard and guides the future direction of the business. 

I’m excited about representing the voice of the large group of under 30s in Emperor.

Sam Trillwood, Employee Board member


Each of the Employee Board members will be responsible for coordinating local ‘Voice Groups’ across the company enabling everyone to have input into matters relating to the health of the business, how the business operates and the wellbeing of the partners.

Emperor’s inaugural Employee Board members:

Kathryn Cearns OBE
Independent Chairperson
Member of Emperor’s Strategic Advisory Board

Darryl Mead
Head of Employee Experience

Jo Brinsden
Client Director 

Imran Hussain
Management Accountant

Sam Trillwood
Reporting Consultant

Jennie Robertson
Account Director

Helen O’Brien
Creative Director

I’m looking forward to being part of our first employee board and leading the way in this space for our sector.

Darryl Mead, Employee Board member


Emperor's move to employee ownership: Emperor's move to employee ownership




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