Introducing Our Pledges

Posted in News on 16 March 2018 By Noel O'Connor, Creative Director and Co-Founder 

We have always made an effort to do as much as we can to drive our culture. For the first time, we’ve put our commitments in writing so we can focus on delivering and innovating ideas around the business to make Emperor even better.

In the beginning was the word

And the word was get stuck in, work together, work hard, do the best we can and we will be successful. And we have been. When there was only two of us it was pretty simple, we had a shared vision and ambition and we worked hard to make it become a reality. And the reality is that we now have a network of five offices across the UK, a team in Dubai and we’re pushing 200 employees. A great growth story!

Employees are much more motivated and much more engaged working for a company that they can relate to and feel proud of.

With employees far and wide we wanted to make sure everyone feels united within Emperor and is aligned with our vision. Research shows time and again that employees are much more motivated and much more engaged working for a company that they can relate to and feel proud of, one that has a purpose beyond just making money, and in turn a more engaged team delivers a better customer service, and that sits at the heart of our business. A virtuous circle.


In our minds we have always held certain values important, like looking out for each other, giving a helping hand to young people, getting involved in charitable activities, being aware of the environment and more. But we knew we could improve the quality and level of communication around what we were doing, sharing our stories, celebrating our successes and creating a common understanding.

We have clearly outlined the values we hold dear, our aspirations for the business and how we can all get involved and make a difference.

So we have introduced Our Pledges. These are a series of promises and commitments we have defined and launched across the business to reflect how we behave right now and form a platform to build on in the future.

Focusing on issues we are passionate about, we believe we will make what we do, and how we feel about what we do, much better. Our Pledges are a visible and integral part of our culture.

Our Pledges

We are the most welcoming
We are always accessible
We help you go beyond your potential
We give youth a chance
We encourage innovation and ideas
We will support you through thick and thin
We look after the whole you
We are social
We recognise excellence
We trust
We give back
We care for the environment

Putting Our Pledges into action

To champion this we have a team of Ambassadors across the company looking after each of the individual pledges who will drive activity and make sure Our Pledges are embedded in the day-to-day life of the agency.

As we look around the company, Our Pledges are visible and they are happening. We are delighted with the level of engagement so far and the results are already tangible, which makes us an agency we can all be proud of.



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