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Posted in Engagement on 25 September 2018 By Darryl Mead, Head of Employee Communications and Engagement

What's happening in the UK recruitment market and what does it mean for companies? 

At last week's conference for recruitment professionals hosted by The FIRM, a global network of in-house recruiters, three themes emerged throughout the day.

01. It's a candidate's market and they act like consumers

Low unemployment, fewer incoming from the EU due to Brexit uncertainty, and more Brits leaving the UK means low confidence in attracting talent and a skills gap, particularly in the technology sector.

EVP and employer brand remains the number one priority for recruiters.1 Defining how your company is unique remains vital to attract talent. The careers website sits at the heart of the employer brand and needs to include content about your purpose, culture and values, bring your brand to life and show how you're supporting employees to develop and achieve work-life balance. Essentially answer 'What is it really like?' and 'Am I the right fit?'

02. The importance of the candidate experience

Relationships matter at every stage of the candidate journey, but the beginning is key. IBM's research showed that 48% of recent job candidates have had some form of relationship or interaction with the hiring organisation before applying. And over 60% talk about their experiences with friends and family. So, create a workplace that employees talk about. It's all about brand advocacy. Meet & Engage said it was all about using technology to 'lift the lid' on an organisation. 

Live chat and conversation are your new employer brand content.

Bill Boorman

03. The role of AI

Technology was frequently discussed as leaders work through how best it supports recruitment. Most agreed that automation, data and AI are already impacting, mostly on processes and areas where efficiency and machine learning provides quicker, more accurate results. For example, 58% say AI is most helpful for sourcing candidates. But it's not likely to replace those areas where a personal, human experience is needed, such as building relationships with candidates and seeing candidate potential beyond credentials. 

Technology will soon change how we hire, but not how we want to experience being hired.


1 The FIRM's member research 2017/18.


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