Mental health and wellbeing

Posted in News on 17 May 2019 By Philip Franklin, Managing Director

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are focusing on what it means to have an awareness of mental health.

We’re all aware, and often have a very personal and unique experience of mental health. It’s something that affects all of us at some point in our lives. From our youngest years we are assailed by demands, pressures, anxieties, concerns, questions and decisions. A vast array of factors all affect our mental state, and these fluctuate, amplifying or diminishing throughout our lives and form the landscape that we now call “wellbeing”. So what are we trying to achieve through raising or heightening that awareness?

For us at Emperor it’s very simple: promote our most human qualities by being understanding, showing empathy and caring for each other.

The world of mental health can seem vast, complex, and unknowable but in this uncertain age knowledge and expertise are worth much less than our own experience and our capacity to care.

At Emperor we work hard to ensure the wellbeing of each of our employees. In 2017 we launched Our Pledges, a series of commitments that we think are important — to us, to individual employees and to the business as a whole.

Particularly relevant this week is our We look after the whole you pledge. We have introduced lots of activities and initiatives to help contribute to a healthier body and calmer mind, such as the Emperor fitness app, office yoga and doggy Fridays.

We appreciate that life doesn’t always go to plan – and when it doesn’t our employees have our understanding and support in line with another pledge, We will support you through thick and thin. Employees have access to a free and confidential counselling service.

Awareness weeks are a great time for reflection and change. Emperor’s team of Ambassadors looking after each of the individual pledges continue to drive activity and awareness of all the initiatives and make support accessible to all our team. In this way, we will continue to follow our commitment to being a place where our people want to work, in an environment where they can flourish.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation's website for more information on mental health.




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