Millennials and sustainable workplace culture

Posted in Employee on 24 April 2018 By Chloë Blackwell, Designer

In our post-Blue Planet, environmentally conscious world, organisations that demonstrate a purpose that goes beyond financial benefit may have a greater chance of attracting and retaining millennial employees.

Why sustainability matters

Millennials are aged from 18 to 34, and whilst this is a diverse generation with widespread interests, one thing we widely have in common is our values; an example being environmental responsibility.

With the threat of global warming producing tangible effects, and Planet Earth II attracting more young viewers than The X Factor, millennials have developed an acute awareness and a genuine interest in environmental issues. Now, more than any previous generation, millennials rank a company’s commitment to sustainability as an extremely important factor when considering where to work. With millennials set to make up around a third of the global workforce by 2025, organisations need to place greater value on highlighting their sustainable practices.

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Making a difference

Young people are definitely realising that their future is linked to that of the planet - and we want to do something to help. But although many want to make a positive difference, it is easy to feel that we lack the authority to do so. No matter how diligent we are about recycling cardboard and carrying reusable bottles, it can often feel that the problem is simply too big for us to effectively make an impact.

However, working for a company that allows us to utilise our passion for the environment and put it into action gives us encouragement and a sense of satisfaction, knowing that we are contributing to change.

Actions, not words

Having grown up with technology and being exposed to advertising from every angle, as a generation, we have experienced our fair share of gimmicks and empty words. Millennials will appreciate a tangible, sincere effort from their employer to reduce waste, raise awareness and save resources, and will often be proud to communicate and share these efforts on social media.

Meaningful purpose

Jobs are not just jobs any more - to many people, especially those beginning their careers, they are an opportunity to enrich our lives and help us develop and grow as people. During my own job search, I found that strong ethics and a positive culture really made companies stand out from the crowd. A company whose purpose can align with the core values of their employees is bound to create strong, mutually beneficial relationships at work within their company. Millennials want to be part of an organisation that we can feel proud to work for, one that makes us feel part of something bigger.

When a company has a purpose, whether environmental or otherwise, it sends a clear message about their culture that will resonate with employees of every generation.

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