Shaping the climate conversation

Posted in Sustainability, Reporting and White Papers on 16 July 2020 By Yvonne Ngo, Sustainability Consultant

A deep dive into TCFD and climate reporting in the FTSE 350.

Companies are under more pressure than ever to respond to the calls for transparency and action in relation to climate change. Part of this is an expectation to disclose in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, which will become mandatory by 2022.

Climate change, alongside other environmental and social factors, should now be considered as intrinsic to a company’s strategy, business model and its risk profile, and needs to be ingrained in business decision-making, rather than viewed as a superficial bolt-on.

In our research, we focus on the types of disclosures companies are making in relation to climate risk and, specifically, how companies are reporting against the TCFD framework, across a variety of different communications channels.

The findings will help you understand the current trends and best practice, and the quality and effectiveness of disclosure; from those starting on their climate strategies and disclosure, all the way to the leaders of the pack.

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