Socialising your annual report

Phase one went ‘live’ in Autumn 2014, but the story doesn’t end there. In 2015, Clinigen completed two transformative acquisitions and announced a strategic partnership that would enhance their US proposition. They were now a global business.

Meanwhile, Emperor had just been appointed to produce Clinigen’s Annual Report and Accounts. When the time came to update the website, this was an enormous advantage. We had the best seats in the house.

The Clinigen Group had grown from three businesses to five, which meant it had a deeper and more detailed investor story to tell. Our first big challenge was to see if the existing website architecture would accommodate so much change. And, with a bit of work, it did. So as Clinigen got on with integrating the new businesses, we conducted a content audit of the entire site.

Are you using your social media accounts to promote your annual report effectively? 

1. Create a content calendar

The key to having a successful social media campaign is to prepare in advance so you can promote your financial report strategically and steadily over time.

One month prior to your financial report release, plan out your strategy using a content calendar1, perform a social media audit and ensure you have an up-to-date social media workbook or policy for employees.

2. Check your social media pulse

Don’t neglect your imagery and biography sections across all your social media profiles. It’s a good idea to check in with these regularly and keep them up to date and fully optimised,especially prior to the report’s publication date. A full social media audit will ensure you’re ready to publish.

3. Get employees on board

If you can get your employees on board and equipped with the knowledge of how to successfully promote your annual report and its content online, you’re going to be a step ahead of competition from the get-go.

Employee endorsement is not only a great way to increase awareness of your brand, but it also prompts conversations online between industry experts and spreads the message you’re trying to get across to your stakeholders.

Use your social media policy or workbook to present your employees with examples of how and what to share on social media to get the best results from it. Employee advocacy demonstrates loyalty to the company.

Companies like Hootsuite provide guides for writing social media policies for your company.3

4. Use video

Video content is taking centre stage on social media, and there’s a reason for it. LinkedIn rolled out video for company pages this year and recorded this format as being five times more likely than any other content to prompt a conversation.4

This provides a way to drive your audience’s attention to a certain area of your report or to a specific message.

Be creative with your video content. Interview the CEO or specialists in your team who can explain a particular set of results or messaging in your report. Demonstrate your company’s personality.

Keep it clear and concise, and don’t forget to transcript your video to make your content accessible for people watching on the go or in the office.

5. Engage and build a narrative

Not only do you want to be promoting your financial report, but you also want to engage with your audience regularly and use these interactions to build a narrative. You can intersperse your data findings with content around company culture, events, and employee insights.

Show your audience why your team members are proud to work at the company, what they’ve achieved, and what they’re working on behalf of the team.

This article shares some pointers on helping to build a narrative surrounding your culture.

With great planning and time spent on ensuring that your content is optimised for each social platform you use, you can create a successful campaign surrounding your latest financial report, and can capture the attention of your audience to present your accomplishments.


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