Spotlight on corporate narrative

Posted in Reporting and Employee on 17 June 2020 By Henry Ker, Editor-in-Chief

As part of our Spotlight series, Henry Ker, our Editor in Chief, spoke to Emperor’s Leon Milligan and Susanah Gerner, from a reporting and brand engagement perspective, to gauge their views on how consistent corporate narratives are being developed to both drive - and report on - success.

For many years, our brand team has been working with clients that intuitively understand the value of a coherent purpose, a consistent, positive culture, and of having regard for their stakeholders and the environment. But with societal demand driving ever greater, new disclosure requirements, all annual reports must report on these matters. This means our reporting teams are increasingly involved with these traditional components of a brand. 

Due to the hyper-transparent world in which we live, corporate authenticity is essential. If you don’t do it, you can’t report it, so increasingly we are helping our clients evolve their corporate narrative from the inside out. First helping them be better, then helping them report better. 

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