Spotlight on Culture: Is culture a company's most valuable asset?

Posted in Employee on 9 March 2020 By Henry Ker, Editor in Chief

As part of Emperor's Spotlight series, we spoke to Kirsty Bashforth about the changes in approach to company culture; how it is increasingly becoming a mainstream concern and, when managed correctly, a way to deliver greater performance within businesses.


Kirsty, CEO and founder of QuayFive and author of Culture Shift: A Practical Guide to Managing Organisational Culture, stresses the importance of approaching culture as core to performance. She explains that culture is most valuable as part of a system - it needs to be lined up with your purpose and considered as an equal to your strategy.

"I am encouraged by the fact that culture is becoming regarded as ever more mainstream as a way to deliver and engender greater performance in organisations. Regulation is changing, pressure is changing, the way people choose to join companies is changing."


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