Spotlight on risk reporting: How has the focus changed during COVID-19?

Posted in Reporting on 19 May 2020 By Henry Ker, Editor-in-Chief

As part of our Spotlight series, we spoke to Alison Baker and Chris Stamp from Emperor's Strategic Advisory Board about how the changing risk environment, accelerated by the pandemic, means stakeholders are now expecting real-time engagement from companies about the risks they face.

Alison and Chris discuss some of the advice they are giving the boards they work with, how this all fits into the governance requirements under the revised UK Corporate Governance Code and the priorities for companies when communicating with their investors and wider stakeholders.

“To see [reporting on risk around COVID-19] as a bit of a one-off is a dangerous mindset to have,” says Chris. “You've got to see this as part of a new reality, a new world, and prepare to report accordingly within that new framework.”

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