Spotlight on sustainability

Posted in Sustainability on 20 November 2019 By Henry Ker, Editor-in-Chief

Emperor caught up with Mike Barry, sustainability expert and the originator of Marks and Spencer’s ‘Plan A’ strategy, to discuss how sustainability is the disruptive force of the latest industrial revolution. 


Mike explains how companies will have to respond to the three great challenges of social inequality, technological revolution and the environmental crisis, and how listening to your stakeholders is the key to long-term survival and success.  

"We're coming to the end of a 40-year cycle of stability. We're now entering a decade of great disruption where every business needs to find a balance between shareholder returns, customer need and society at large."


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Event: Is your business ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

One year on from our last roundtable (Are you taking action on sustainability?) and the world has had a seismic shift in both understanding and appreciation of sustainability.

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As social and environmental issues continue to capture headlines, the days of ESG being treated as a separate, standalone concern by businesses are over.