Take control. Why brand & culture need ownership

Posted in White Papers, Brand & Employee on 16 March 2021 By Darryl Mead, Head of Employee Experience and Keith Taylor, Head of Brand

Our latest white paper draws on our extensive research to set out six key themes for brand, culture and the employee experience in 2021 and beyond.

The company experience is undoubtedly in a period of extreme change. Amid this upheaval, the very purpose of business is coming under scrutiny as stakeholders everywhere question its role in society. 

Recently, we have had many conversations with clients that touch on both the brand and culture spheres – this is because they are inextricably linked and both talk to delivering your overall business strategy.

45% felt their brand proposition had not supported their business in the past six months

How companies position themselves and the way they convey their brand is critical. Going forward, how should businesses be approaching their brand and how does that connect to important internal considerations such as culture and the employee experience?

Drawing on the experience and insight of our client base, as well as the wider Emperor and business community, we wanted to find out how the future is beginning to shape itself; how we plan for tomorrow when we understand so little about today; and what best practice could look like.

50% say their culture has changed as a result of COVID-19

We ran two concurrent surveys, one on brand and one on corporate culture, and discussed the findings in two focus groups comprising industry professionals to generate qualitative, in-depth insight. 

From our research, we have identified six key areas and themes that are influencing discussions:

1. Authenticity
2. Leadership
3. Purpose
4. Digital
5. Culture
6. Value

54% believe their people and culture strategy provides a competitive advantage

We hope you find the insights and advice in this white paper useful, and would love to discuss the findings further.


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