Telling your story

Posted in Reporting on 31 January 2018 By Marc Jenks, Executive Creative Director

Once upon a time, business-speak and corporate jargon ruled the land. Today, we talk about storytelling. 

This simple but powerful word has gained popularity, because it reflects a clearer, more effective approach to describing what makes organisations tick.

In my experience, all clients have a story to tell. Storytelling can cut through the waffle and turn a good report into a great one. That’s useful when it comes to a format which often proves difficult to present in an engaging way. It’s also a challenge to do well.

For a start, many businesses have complex structures. They’ve grown and expanded along a non-linear path, so strategies or operating models don’t feel particularly integrated. When this happens, clichés like ‘our people make us different’ emerge. Then people get cynical.

To really connect with any audience, you need an authentic, honest narrative. (After all, it only takes a Google search to reveal a no-holds-barred account of any business.) Moreover, you need to express this through a natural, jargon-free tone of voice.

When an Annual Report deadline looms, you don’t need internal confusion about how a business operates. That’s where clear, economical and purposeful language can be really effective.

Combine this with equally engaging design principles, and everything comes to life.

This is about more than a clever headline on a front cover. It’s a cohesive story that unfolds throughout a document, visually and verbally. True storytelling offers real insight and reveals what’s unique about you.

To craft a story takes homework and hard work. Your story should feel like an integral part of the brand for the full picture to emerge. But it’s an exciting process. And when everything comes together the results can be award-winning – leaving everyone happy ever after.

So, are you sitting comfortably? 


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