“That’s not PowerPoint”

Posted in Presentations on 10 January 2019 By Dale Smith, Director of Presentations

Before I joined Emperor, I mentioned to CEO Steve Kemp that every time I present the capabilities of PowerPoint to a customer, someone in the meeting says - almost to the word - “That’s not PowerPoint.” What then ensues is a little battle where I have to show them that, in fact, yes, it is PowerPoint.

It seems that whilst the world has moved on so much over the last 20 years, many things have stayed the same. I now ask Alexa if I need to wear a coat in the morning rather than just looking out of the window. My whole world exists on a little device I keep in my pocket. I used to shoot my home holiday videos using a shaky handicam but I now use a 4k drone. Yes, the world has moved on, however, the way people present has not.

So much reimagining is being done in today’s modern business. People are now looking at things they’ve done the same way for decades and have started to ask, ‘Why do we still do it like that?’ Huge topics such as Digital Transformation, Modern Workplace, Gender Pay Gap, Cyber Resilience, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are keeping senior leadership teams pretty busy. However, on a much simpler level, changing the way we tell stories to our colleagues, customers, investors, suppliers have been totally swept under the rug.

Presentations happen in those single moments in time where we have a powerful story to tell to a room of people that can change the direction of a business for good, or not so good if it doesn’t go well. A vital part of delivering that story with impact is the presentation.

What happens 99% of the time?

The presentation is bashed together last minute, in-house, in a really stressful process.

The output?

More often than not, it’s woeful. It’s rare that I need to tell a client why it’s important to work with a specialist agency to help create a mission-critical piece of corporate reporting or communications. So why should presentations be thought of any differently?

With the birth of our new Presentations division comes a pact, a pledge, a promise. Emperor will now lead the crusade on helping modern businesses reimagine the way they value and use presentations. We want to help our clients turn those uninspiring, illegible, cluttered, off-brand and inconsistent presentations into creative, animated, interactive, engaging, on-brand, slick presentations that can widen the eyes and quicken the pulse.

We can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. When it comes to a CEO communicating the next 5-year strategy to their senior leadership team, a CFO presenting their half-year results to a room full of analysts, an HR team presenting a safety story to engineers working on an offshore oil rig, these are mission critical moments that deserve excellence. Whatever the situation, we want to make sure that we’ve alleviated that stressful process, that we’ve captured the essence of the story, and we are delivering it in an on-brand, memorable, engaging and professional way. When the presenter stands to address the audience, they need to feel confident and proud of what they have to show and the audience will see it in their eyes.

I invited Steve to join me for a customer meeting recently to hear more about the world of presentations and the story I had to tell. We weren’t even halfway through the meeting when, guess what, someone pipes up and says, “Hold on, that’s not PowerPoint.”

Visit http://emperor.works/presentations for more information or if you have a project you need help with, contact the team directly at [email protected].


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