The invisible benefit of account management

Posted in Reporting on 2 February 2018 By Roy Carter, Head of Account Management

What’s the difference between a Michelin-starred restaurant and a really good restaurant? Clearly the output (the food) is a notch above, but it’s the experience that really sets it apart. The service is often so smooth you don’t even notice. You don’t regret paying for it - service is an integral part of your meal.


So what’s the difference between service in a restaurant and service in an agency?

This is a question I hear a lot – why should I pay for account management? What am I getting for my money? Surely that should be covered within the design fees?

Some agencies don’t have an account management function. Yes, designers do that as well, but not all designers are skilled in managing schedules and budgets, in the same way that not all chefs could wait on tables.

A good account manager will take as much work and stress away from you as possible, driving the project to the key milestones you set, and navigating any bumps in the road on the way (often without you even being aware they were there).

Design projects aren’t really part of our client’s day jobs. So why not let the account manager bring their expertise to the table? Surely you want the best experience possible for your project?

Why not let the account manager bring their expertise to the table? Surely you want the best experience possible for your project?

If I’m ever asked about account management in a pitch, I talk about a client we pitched for in 2012. They were looking for a new supplier for their annual report and had moved through five different suppliers in five years. When they looked at our costs, they asked all of the above questions and asked us to remove the account management fee. We refused. We won the work.  The client has now been with Emperor for six years and counting. And the experience for them has been totally different to any of their previous agencies – smoother, less painful and a high quality output.

To ensure your project runs on time, on budget and to take as much pain as possible off your plate and on to ours, don’t skip on the service. 



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