Unlocking the potential of ESG beyond disclosure

Posted in News, Sustainability and Reporting on 3 November 2021
By Rachel Crossley, Director of Stakeholder Communications

Getting ESG communications right presents a real opportunity for businesses to seize this with both hands and tell their story in a clear, credible and consistent way. 

We are in an era where ESG – environmental, social and governance – issues are dominating the news headlines and everyday conversations. From climate change and biodiversity, to employee wellbeing and diversity and inclusion, these concerns are front of mind and influencing our behaviours.

Stakeholders from all walks of life are demanding action and greater accountability: consumers are asking questions about what they buy and where it comes from; employees want to know that the companies they work for are acting responsibly; and governments are introducing legislation requiring companies to take action. 

And investors are increasingly factoring ESG into their decision making when considering whether to part with their money. They are demanding greater transparency from companies around their approach, commitments and performance on ESG issues.  

It is not enough for businesses to solely deliver financial performance. They also need to consider their broader impacts on the environment, employees and communities and demonstrate how they are addressing these issues and making a positive contribution to society. 

In addition, they need to be communicating their commitment to ESG across their corporate communications, both on and offline. Businesses should be showing how they consider relevant issues in all their decision making and how they will build a future-fit business model for the benefit of people and the planet, as well as for profit.  

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