What does unique look like?

Posted in Brand on 2 February 2018 By David Hunt, Creative Director

Unique is an overused word in life, in business, and in communications. Whether a "unique business model", "unique set of values" or another "unique feature", it's probably left you wondering: is this really that different?

When you’re faced with a story that is genuinely unique, how do you communicate it without a sceptical roll of the eyes or click on ‘next’?

That’s the challenge we faced when creating the latest annual review for Forth Children’s Theatre – FCT to their friends.

After all, FCT IS a truly unique organisation: a youth theatre company that puts on award-winning productions, and believes that anyone with the appetite to perform should be able to do so in a safe, stimulating environment. And all of this regardless of the depth of their pockets - so fees are tens of pounds rather than hundreds or thousands of pounds.

A huge battalion of volunteer helpers, followers and supporters means FCT has retained its family feel while emerging as one of the most respected youth theatre companies in the country. So yes, it’s pretty special.

As with so many communications challenges, the trick was to follow the old adage of “show it, don’t say it”.

We put the word ‘Unique’ large on the cover, and then developed a plan to ensure the audience knew this claim was genuine.

Using a combination of the latest digital printing technology, a broad colour palette and a little bit of patience, we made sure that all 200 copies of the annual review were completely unique.

Our aim was to reflect the organisation and the contribution of the many individuals that help make it what it is … truly one of a kind.

With a story this unique, it's difficult not to be excited and want to get involved. We contribute our time and work with the FCT as part of Emperor's pledge of giving back. Emperor's pledges are a series of commitments that we think are important  to us, our employees and the business as a whole.



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