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We work with companies to create clear, compelling and beautiful content, designed to inform and engage investors with the company’s story.

The rise of ESG as a key stakeholder concern is changing how and what companies communicate. The pressure is on companies to work at delivering value beyond shareholder returns. Described as the new triple bottom line – people, planet, profit – responsible business now an expectation rather than an exception.

Alongside this, following the introduction of MiFID II, the extent of investor research and corporate access has arguably declined and companies are taking greater ownership of their communications and reaching out to investors. The situation is intensified for smallcap and AIM companies, who may not enjoy the same resources as big FTSE firms.

Drawing on these themes and our own experience working with companies, we have addressed some of the key components of best practice investor communications.


Tell the full story

Telling the company’s story has always been fundamental to good investor engagement. An essential part of this is clearly identifying and presenting core components, such as the strategy and business model, and companies are developing innovative and interesting ways of doing this. With the repercussions of MiFID II, this becomes particularly important and helps to compensate for the research deficit.

Alongside this, the focus on ESG and sustainability means companies are engaging with investors across different channels about how they are considering these important issues and operating responsibly.

We worked with AVEVA to produce a pioneering annual report that utilises AR (augmented reality) – the reader using AVEVA's app and hovering their phone over an image on the back of the report to unlock the content – combined with the videos in the online report, to create a uniquely immersive experience; key messaging harmonised across three different delivery channels.

A focal point was articulating their culture and values, which are clearly defined on the inside front cover of the document, and the business model, outlining how the company operates, why their customers choose them and the value created for stakeholders.

The result is a cutting edge insight for investors into the AVEVA story.


Sustainability is central to the way Smurfit Kappa operates. Already industry leaders in this area, they are continually striving to develop and raise their performance and profile.

We helped them to tell their sustainability story in a different way, through a value-chain based framework and a suite of stakeholder-focused communications. In addition to a full sustainability report, they also produced a summary report that highlights key information and case studies in action, making it more engaging and accessible for a broad set of stakeholders. 

The two reports underline the importance of sustainability to Smurfit Kappa as a business and maintain their position as leaders in this field.


Look the part

Beautiful and engaging content is central to successful IR. Creating a unified suite of communications across different channels, which not only successfully captures the voice of the company but is accessible to stakeholders, will deliver results.

With each report, our objective with Hotel Chocolat has been to help them stand out from the crowd and visually convey the story of one of our nation's most loved brands, as well as present an enticing investment case.

We ensured that case studies and strong imagery play a central role and show how the business values its stakeholders. For example, using bold imagery to demonstrate their digital proposition and features such as a 360° pull-out spread to highlight the success and expansion of its stores. This invites the reader to put themselves within a store environment – a customer-focused approach that's aligned with the essence of the brand.

Hotel Chocolat’s story is one to be proud of, which is why summary versions of these reports have also been distributed to everyone who works for the company.

Gear4music’s passion for their business and confidence in the future comes across in the annual report, investor presentations and website, driven by strong and eye-catching visuals.

As well as helping their core message to shine through, throughout the strategic report, from the CEO’s statement and case studies to the market overview and risks and uncertainties, the colour and drive of the organisation is clear.

Keep it real time

The advent of social media and repositioning of the website at the heart of corporate communications has introduced new expectations of timeliness around information, meaning it is vital organisations make sure their content is kept up to date and published in real time so investors can be kept informed of developments immediately.



We worked with Telford Homes to build an engaging social media campaign to support the launch of their annual report and investor website, helping them to connect quickly, directly and meaningfully with their stakeholders.

As part of the annual report design process, we built an asset bank, allowing images, charts and the like to be utilised across different channels, whether the website, social media or investor presentations. Elements such as the business model infographic and strategic pillars are also animated in an online version of the report.


Clinigen looked to boost engagement with their annual report by running a social media campaign.

We supported them in identifying key content from the report, matching it to their investor audience and promoting through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Alongside keeping their investor updated on quickly and efficiently, it also resulted in the report reaching a whole new audience, with an impressive 40% increase in report downloads.

Where do we go from here?

The investor relations world never stands still. The main focuses and driving forces will be continually shifting and stakeholders will look to companies for greater disclosure on existing and emerging areas alike. Within this context, however, it is essential companies retain their focus on telling the full story, looking the part and keeping information real time and up to date.


Emperor has the knowledge and experience to help. From visionary designers to expert consultants, whether supporting with traditional reporting channels or on cutting-edge websites, presentations and events, we support companies to deliver meaningful and engaging communications.

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