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Deeper, broader reporting experience.

FTSE 350

We help the most sophisticated reporters to produce documents which communicate objectives and progress in a clear and engaging way. For those who prioritise the long-term social impact of their strategies and operations (and who think in a connected way), we also offer expert support in following the principles of integrated reporting.

SmallCap and AIM

You may have less resources available for corporate reporting. But we’re just as committed to providing you with solutions that are right for you. We’ll listen to you carefully and make recommendations based on your needs and appetite for change.


We understand that reporting is a journey. To help you get off to the best possible start, we’ll help you to adapt your prospectus content and introduce your company to new investors.


Our international clients include those based abroad but listed on the LSE, those with a GDR listing on the LSE, and those listed abroad. Whatever your status, you’ll find we tailor our recommendations to suit your regulatory requirements and reflect your key messages.

Private companies

We introduce private companies to the world of corporate reporting, as they are often planning to float in the near future. We focus on the key elements of a company’s story (as well as pivotal aspects such as the business model) which can be built on in future years.


We understand the unique nature of charity reporting. By applying relevant aspects of our corporate reporting model, we can have a positive influence on your social impact report.

Public sector and other organisations

From professional bodies to publicly owned broadcasters, we work with many organisations who have special requirements. We can help you comply with regulations while telling your story.


Sustainability reports are a key way to communicate with stakeholders outside of your investor audience. Our services in this field cover everything from gap analysis and materiality assessments to constructing medium-term roadmaps and copywriting your report.


A range of online annual report options are popular today. Whether you want to upload a PDF, use an online summary report, embed report content throughout the corporate website, or create a full HTML microsite, we’ll help you find the best option.

Video and animation

Whether you want to profile your leadership team in a talking heads video, explain your strategy through film or use animation to explain your business to a broader church of stakeholders we can advise on the right approach with our in-house team.


It’s often overlooked, but delivering your investment story in a clear, concise, on-brand and considered way is critically important. Our dedicated team can help you through this challenging task by refreshing the look and feel of your presentations, and redesigning each slide to deliver your message to stakeholders with real impact.


Robust systems and experienced people.

Robust account management

Whatever the project, we’ll provide you with a point of contact supported by a dedicated client-facing delivery team. We understand the deadline-driven, detail-critical nature of Annual Reports. We see ourselves as an extension of your working group, managing work proactively and offering guidance when you need it.

Quality control

We offer a rigid, multi-department approval process. Our in-house proofreaders advise on errors, grammar and client-specific conventions, and we ensure press passing at the printers. The best benchmark of our QA processes is our high rates of client retention and referral.

Flexible process

Every client is different, so we’ll never push you into a process that doesn’t suit you. We can use the latest Project Management software, or work more traditionally. We work with Ctrl Print, the leading online editing provider. Some stages of reporting don’t run exactly to schedule, so we’ve resources to deal with this, such as a nightshift artwork team.

Full service approach

We can produce every element of reporting, from pagination and copy platforms to copywriting, design and typesetting. We can proofread, produce ancillary materials, liaise with registrars and coordinate mailing. We offer digital and litho through specialist reporting printers across the UK. Not least, we’ve access to a worldwide network of printers.

Emperor’s report was designed with intelligence and delivered with expertise. It allowed us to effectively and clearly communicate several key messages to our wide range of stakeholders.


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