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We are always learning new things and we like to share our findings to inspire and inform not only our clients but also the creative community.


Brand activation

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Why focus on employer branding?

With the growing competition for talent, companies are having to work much harder to attract and retain the best people.


Event: Culture, behaviour and stakeholder engagement

Join Emperor and SIFA Strategy for a breakfast roundtable to explore how the increased investor scrutiny on ESG will impact your business from the Board agenda to corporate communications and engagement with all stakeholders.


Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week gives us the opportunity to reflect on and warn against the challenges of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. But it equally gives us the chance to highlight and celebrate Emperor’s commitment to safeguarding the mind, body and soul of each one of our employees.

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Event: Behind the brand

Join us to uncover the journey to building a greater emotional connection with one of the UK's best-known brands.


Is it time for a rebrand?

The prospect of rebranding can be a daunting task for any company. However, when executed successfully, it can reinvigorate a business and deliver substantial commercial benefits.


Bringing sustainability reporting to life

In our constantly changing world, the challenges faced by companies are diverse, broad and ever shifting.


Glasgow International art festival

Our Account Executive and Environmental Artist, Gayle Watson, recently attended Glasgow International and shares her insights from Scotland’s largest festival for contemporary art.


The award for Best Picture goes to…

Yesterday marked the start of a working partnership with Edinburgh College to mentor Graphic Design students with a film-related brief.


What constitutes success?

The recent change at the top of WPP has provided me with some food for thought on what constitutes success as an agency.