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Gender Pay Gap Statement

We are dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse culture at Emperor and our gender pay gap data each year is a key data point for review.

The gender pay gap is described as ‘the difference between the average earnings of men and women across the workforce.’ But there is so much more behind the headline figures. The gender pay gap data is a snapshot that reflects our UK gender split at a specific point in time (5 April 2023).

We use this data as just one reference for our actions in the EDI space. It acts as an indicator for areas of the business that we need to investigate and improve. Just like the insights we received from our diversity data collection which 91% of our partners have completed.

First things first, it’s important to note that ‘gender pay gap’ and ‘equal pay’ are not the same. Equal pay refers to men and women performing the same work or job, being paid the same. Emperor pays partners equally for doing the same job. The gender pay gap refers to the difference in the average earnings of men and women across the whole of Emperor at a specific period in time regardless of their role. Even when employers have effective pay policies that promote equal pay, there might still be a gender pay gap in the organisation if, for instance, most of the men employed there have higher-paid jobs compared to women.

Compared to 2022, the 2023 figures for Emperor do show a slight increase in the gender pay gap. But there is also some good news so it’s important that we look at these figures in more detail and understand why.

In April 2023, our gender split was 128 men and 173 women. That's 43% men and 57% women. In 2022, it was 45% men and 55% women, so we’ve seen a 2% shift here.

Mean and median gap



ONS (Median)




The mean average rate is calculated by adding up everyone’s salary at Emperor and dividing by the number of people employed at that time. The median average rate is calculated by listing all salaries at Emperor in order from the lowest to highest, and pinpointing the salary in the middle, the median. 

The mean difference in the average rate of men’s and women’s pay, is 15.1% when compared to men, whilst the median difference between the midpoints in the range is 12.8%.

Compared to 2022, that’s a 1.9% and 4% increase across both averages. The ONS (Office of National Statistics) publish the median average which sits at 14.3% which is a slight decrease from 14.9% in 2022. We sit below the national ONS average at 12.8%.

Our gender pay gap over time 

Mean pay gap

Median pay gap

ONS (Median)



















Lower Middle



Upper Middle






We all play a part

All partners have an active part and as an employee-owned organisation we must hold each other accountable to this. Over the last 12 months our focus has resulted in:

  • 91% of our partners disclosing their diversity data.
  • Launch of our Maternity Leave Returners Manager Toolkit.
  • Launch of our Employee Resource Group, The Women’s Collective, of which 10% of our partners are currently members.
  • In collaboration with the Women’s Collective, we co designed and launched our Reproductive and Menstrual Health Policy and Manager Toolkit.
  • Active participation in events including Serendipity, Good Shout, BIMA Women & Assertiveness for Women Programme.
  • Supported over 40 women through the second year of our internal mentoring programme, POP!

Our 2023 mean bonus gap was 13.1% and median bonus gap was 10.9%. As an employee owned business, bonuses in Emperor come in the form of a distribution from the Employee Ownership Trust. Under the terms of the legislation, all employees must be treated on the same terms.  Each individual's bonus is calculated on a formula based on salary and length of service.

Although the GPG data is useful, we know there is still significant and ongoing work we need to do in the EDI space. GPG is just one data point that can be an indicator for further enquiry.

All partners have an active part and as an employee-owned organisation, we will continue to hold each other accountable to this. 

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed and authorised by Kingsley James, Director.