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News, Reporting

What does Coronavirus mean for corporate reporting?

A hub of useful links for communications guidance and advice for companies relating to COVID-19.

Reporting, Sustainability

The key to communications for AIM companies in 2021

As opportunities on the AIM market continue to grow, ensuring you have the right processes in place and communicating your corporate narrative with clarity, cohesion and consistency is more important than ever


A day in the life of an apprentice

The purpose of National Apprenticeship Week is to celebrate our apprentices, their successes and to raise awareness around the importance of recruiting young people into the workplace.


How business became our most trusted institution

The latest Edelman Trust Barometer, surveyed against the backdrop of the pandemic, evidences an important shift in the role of business in society


12 for 21: The trends that will shape the year

A look at the key themes and forces we think will impact the industry this year


Emperor celebrates 25 years in business

2021 marks 25 years since Steve Kemp and Noel O’Connor opened Emperor’s doors for business. Since then they steered Emperor to become one of the UK’s leading creative agencies, while growing a team of over 230 talented people.


Employee ownership: One year on

Today we celebrate our first year as an employee owned business. And while we navigated the choppy seas of pandemic and lockdown, 12 months of employee-ownership has flown by.


Looking forward

Most of us will be glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror and are looking forward to what 2021 can bring. Hopefully with vaccines beginning their extensive roll-out, it will be one more of the ‘precedented’ rather than the ‘un-’, of more positive news, and confidence and unity.


2020 wrapped up

As we approach the last full week of the year, there’s a sense that the Christmas break has never been more needed. I'm personally very much looking forward to some down-time to recharge the batteries, ready for everything that next year will throw at us.