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We are always learning. Welcome to the space where we share inspiration and findings that inform our clients and lead our industry.

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Emperor's first annual report

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The Times’ Sustainable Business Report 2021

Engaging for impact in a purpose driven world


Events: How’s business?

At Emperor, we’re always looking to share the latest insight to support you in delivering your communications strategy and take it to the next level. This year, we’re also celebrating 25 years of business and as part of that anniversary, we’re looking at what sustainable business means in 2021 for our clients.


Locked down but not shutting up shop

Over the past 12 months, our people have risen to the occasion, delivering outstanding creativity and expert insight.

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D&I: Diversity and inclusion or disruption and innovation?

The conversation around how we ensure people feel represented and belong in a company is always progressing. Where historically we have referred to D&I (diversity and inclusion), this has evolved to become EDI – also encompassing ‘equity’. Equity prioritises I over D; it is about treating everybody the same, and inclusion is fundamentally different from diversity. While inclusion is a choice we make at every human contact point on how we behave, diversity is about difference.

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The need for inclusivity at the heart of communications

As the importance of diversity and inclusion continues to grow within the workplace, the need for transparent, dynamic and authentic communication has never been greater. An inclusive workplace has become not only invaluable, but vital.


Choose to challenge gender inequality

With progress on improving female representation in leadership still painfully slow, we need bold steps and a systemic business-led approach to create change

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Take control. Why brand & culture need ownership

Our latest white paper draws on our extensive research to set out six key themes for brand, culture and the employee experience in 2021 and beyond.


Empowered women empowering women

International Women’s Month gives us the opportunity both to celebrate the women at Emperor and scrutinise our approach to diversity and inclusion - in our business and more generally.

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Your intranet: a communications channel or a digital workplace?

As one of the most important channels in a company’s communications arsenal, making sure your intranet has a defined role and is fit for purpose is essential.