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We are always learning new things and we like to share our findings to inspire and inform not only our clients but also the creative community.

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Leading change and driving value through investor relations

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Events, Engagement

Event: Emperor Culture Club

A series of summer seminars to explore the importance of culture in driving business success.

White Papers, Reporting

Four pillars for improvement in reporting on strategy

Identifying some of the common pitfalls to good reporting and how companies can avoid them.


What does it take to be a presentation designer?

Being completely honest, I kind of ‘fell’ into presentation design, and I have a feeling this is where many of my kind begin.

White Papers, Engagement

Evolving your culture

How to measure, develop and report on culture.

White Papers, Reporting

Trends from the first 25 annual reports

With the possibility of early adoption of Companies Act and UK Corporate Governance Code changes, how companies have approached their reporting is particularly interesting this year.

News, Sustainability

How to prepare your business for a carbon neutral future

Theresa May has declared the UK will be the first G7 country to become carbon-neutral by 2050, but what does this actually mean and how do we achieve it?


Design heroes: #2 James Dyson

For a designer, redefining a product or category is pretty much the Holy Grail. So the fact that James Dyson has managed to do this once is impressive. However, when you consider that he’s done it multiple times, it’s awe-inspiring.


The gender pay gap: How to talk about it (and when can we stop?)

Last Thursday I was one of the speakers at an event hosted by Purpose Union on the gender pay gap. It was a thought-provoking and insightful session with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Reporting, Presentations

Why your Capital Markets Day is an important IR tool

Capital Markets Days are a great opportunity to showcase your company and drive investor engagement.