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We are always learning. Welcome to the space where we share inspiration and findings that inform our clients and lead our industry.

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Emerging trends in risk and governance

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Shaping the climate conversation

A deep dive into TCFD and climate reporting in the FTSE 350.

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Keeping communications out of lockdown

Over this period of uncertainty, we have taken the opportunity to provide intimate sessions for clients. These covered a range of topics to support our clients both in the short-term delivery of their communications priorities, and longer-term food for thought for when we emerge from the current pandemic to a changed world.

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The art of an engaging virtual presentation

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of business change dramatically in 2020. Part of this has been a rapid uptake of video calls and virtual presentations as an everyday norm; forcing many of us out of our comfort zones and into unchartered territory as we try to quickly adapt.


We’ve run out of excuses – why it’s time to #BuildBackBetter

Confronted with the Covid-Climate-Brexit confluence and continuing uncertainty and volatility, we need to hardwire resilience into our plans and work towards a better future.

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Spotlight on corporate narrative

As part of our Spotlight series, Henry Ker, our Editor in Chief, spoke to Emperor’s Leon Milligan and Susanah Gerner, from a reporting and brand engagement perspective, to gauge their views on how consistent corporate narratives are being developed to both drive - and report on - success.

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What does Coronavirus mean for corporate reporting?

As the first section 172 statements begin to appear, here are some top tips for engaging reporting.

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Post-pandemic, investors will look to ESG to Build Back Better

Those companies that have shown their resilience and ability to adapt during COVID-19 will be well placed to meet the greater ESG demands of investors.

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The First 25: New decade, new rules, new normal

The defining trends and insight from the first set of December year-end annual reports.


Spotlight on risk reporting: How has the focus changed during COVID-19?

As part of our Spotlight series, we spoke to Alison Baker and Chris Stamp from Emperor's Strategic Advisory Board about how the changing risk environment, accelerated by the pandemic, means stakeholders are now expecting real-time engagement from companies about the risks they face.