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We are always learning new things and we like to share our findings to inspire and inform not only our clients but also the creative community.

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Culture reporting research: Leadership

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Reporting, Sustainability

Making your sustainability programme a success

Sustainability strategies can have a transformative impact on organisations that adopt them. Here, Emperor’s new Head of Sustainability introduces five vital components to consider when introducing a new sustainability programme.

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London Stock Exchange Masterclass

London Stock Exchange is delighted to invite you to our Communications Masterclass, sponsored by Emperor, Experian, OpenExchange and Salesforce.


Strengthening your content

As reporting consultants, we see many corporate documents, from polished, award-winning materials to those that - let’s just say – are not.

White Papers, Reporting, Engagement

Culture reporting research: Introduction

A whopping 80% of leaders in a recent PwC global culture survey said their organisation’s culture must evolve in the next five years for their company to succeed, grow and retain the best people.

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Event: Are you taking action on ESG?

In our ever-changing world, external trends are having huge implications for corporate brands.


Insights from December year-end annual reports

Mid-way through the December year-end annual reporting process, we identify the key focus areas and some important considerations for those about to begin their report.

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Closing the gap

Diversity has always been at the heart of Channel 4. From our very inception, we have been proud to champion difference and have, over time, come to be recognised as a leader in diversity.

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Gender pay gap reporting

We believe there is value in producing a comprehensive report, with detailed analysis and narrative, versus just providing the numbers.

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Addressing the gender pay gap

A critical matter but companies need to do more.