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We are always learning new things and we like to share our findings to inspire and inform not only our clients but also the creative community.

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Culture reporting: Alignment and linkage to business model

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White Papers, Engagement

How to boost your annual report on social media

This white paper provides tips on how to increase stakeholder engagement through social media, along with a 12-month plan designed to highlight the best parts of your company alongside your annual report.


Making sense of the noise

Today, businesses have greater responsibility than ever in their role as employers.

White Papers, Reporting, Engagement

Culture reporting: Measuring and demonstrating culture

Many businesses are keen to understand how to assess culture, as it is often talked about as being soft, fluffy, HR-led, or difficult to measure.

News, Events

A golden age of corporate communications

On Wednesday morning, I had the honour of opening the market and delivering the keynote at the London Stock Exchange Communications Masterclass.

White Papers, Reporting, Engagement

Culture reporting research: Performance and strategic progress

The third article in our series exploring culture reporting asks the question, “How well is culture defined as a strategic or performance driver?”

Events, Sustainability

Event: Are you taking action on ESG?

On Wednesday 20th March, Emperor and SIFA Strategy hosted an insight-fuelled roundtable to discuss the growing forces of change and how best to place sustainability, purpose and culture at the heart of your business.

White Papers, Reporting, Engagement

Culture reporting research: Leadership

Our second article in our culture reporting series looks at the role of leadership in culture.

Reporting, Sustainability

Making your sustainability programme a success

Sustainability strategies can have a transformative impact on organisations that adopt them. Here, Emperor’s new Head of Sustainability introduces five vital components to consider when introducing a new sustainability programme.

Events, Engagement

London Stock Exchange Masterclass

London Stock Exchange is delighted to invite you to our Communications Masterclass, sponsored by Emperor, Experian, OpenExchange and Salesforce.