Building business resilience: Progressive FTSE 350 reporting insights

Posted in Whitepapers on 15 August 2023 By Rachel Crossley, Director of Stakeholder Communications

Our latest research provides a snapshot of FTSE 350 reporting (year ending 1 April 2023) and looks at how these companies are building business resilience by thinking long-term, instilling good governance, evaluating their environmental impact and creating social value.  

The research highlights examples of ambitious and impactful reporting and includes takeaways for others to take inspiration from. Our analysis identifies trends and progressive approaches that companies of all sizes can learn from when developing their own annual reports.

Using the insights from this research, companies can turn trends into action by following the four key recommendations:

  1. Tell a connected story: A strong theme and narrative arms you with a framework to connect your reporting content and communicate a compelling story of business resilience.
  2. Look ahead: Forward focused information demonstrates how you will create value in the long-term.
  3. Embrace sustainability: This is a business imperative that should underpin a robust strategy which is integrating into the heart of your communications. 
  4. Engage for impact: Take a multi-channel approach to engage your stakeholders and view the reporting suite holistically.

Download the full report below to find out more. You can also reach out to me directly to discuss the findings in more detail at [email protected]


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