Emperor's 2021 Annual Report

Posted in News on 14 February 2022
By Steve Kemp, Co-Founder & CEO

Today we see the publication of our second annual report.

The theme for this year’s report is ‘supercharged change’. And whilst we don’t need to explain why 'change’ resonated so keenly with all our experiences over recent months, it is also about much, much more than just the change that was forced upon us due to circumstance. 

It is about changing for opportunity and for growth; to be better, smarter and more efficient as a business. It’s about change for every single one of our colleagues, our clients and our communities. The right kind of change, done in the right way.

It’s change without compromising our core values and beliefs – and that’s what makes us so proud. That despite the very uncertain environment, we can’t remember a year where we’ve achieved so much.

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This is the second time we’ve produced an annual report. And we have been asked countless times over the years what the purpose of an annual report is, and why invest the time and effort in producing something meaningful. For us, the answer is simple.

It’s a document of record and an invaluable source of verbal and visual assets for stakeholders. But more than that, it's a management discipline which clarifies your direction, strategy and business model, outlines your priorities and objectives, demonstrates progress as well as highlighting the broader market context and risks.

Producing our first annual report last year was hugely beneficial in us keeping a stronger focus on our strategic progress. Not only do we have partners accountable for strategic pillars and priorities, but there has also been a far greater collective determination to deliver on what we said we would. 



Looking to the future with new leadership

In our annual report, published at the beginning of the year, I wrote about my plans to step down as CEO. As we entered our 25th year, I thought the timing was right.

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Emperor's first annual report

After 25 years as an independent agency, this report is an important milestone in improving our corporate and financial transparency. Not least, because in January 2020 we became an employee owned business and our annual report acts as a contract of trust between Emperor and our stakeholders.