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Posted in Events on 18 May 2022
By Sasha Platt, Marketing Executive

At Emperor, we’re always looking to share the latest insight to support you in delivering your communications strategy and take it to the next level.

We’re sharing the cutting-edge insight and expertise of our teams in a series of virtual sessions, partnering with our network of experts and organisations to get to the heart of the issues and challenges of today.

The purpose of brand
Wednesday 8 June | 10:00 - 11:00 BST | Online

Brand is becoming increasingly broader, yet the need to communicate has never been greater.

Complexity in the brand landscape is formed from competing priorities for businesses and marketers alike.

Responsible business, ED&I, sustainability, culture, attraction, retention, shared value and purpose all influence brand and communications.

Our goal is to create a means to navigate the breadth and complexity of brand, particularly for the B2B business environment.

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Change, challenge and opportunity
8 - 29 June | Online

A series of events that will explore the role of sustainability and ESG factors in shaping business over the next decade.

Change is everywhere right now. From increasing stakeholder expectations around climate action, social issues and equality; new policies and regulation on technology and low carbon economies; to the growing threat of international war, supply chain shortages and rising inflation. No brand or sector is immune.

Sustainability commitments are now an expectation, not a differentiator. This is reflected in the rapid developments we’ve seen over the past 6 months to create global sustainability standards that put financial and sustainability disclosure on an equal footing, which has interesting implications for the future of corporate reporting.

Now and moving forward, innovation will be critical to address current and emerging issues. Businesses harnessing new ways of thinking are those that will thrive. Join us to understand what’s happening now, what’s on the horizon, why it matters and the implications for you/your business. Hear from business leaders, practitioners and experts at the forefront of current and future developments who’ll share their insights and experiences.

We’ll answer the most pressing questions we get from clients and provide practical advice to help you navigate the path ahead.

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Keeping communications out of lockdown

Over this period of uncertainty, we have taken the opportunity to provide intimate sessions for clients. These covered a range of topics to support our clients both in the short-term delivery of their communications priorities, and longer-term food for thought for when we emerge from the current pandemic to a changed world.


Emperor celebrates 25 years in business

2021 marks 25 years since Steve Kemp and Noel O’Connor opened Emperor’s doors for business. Since then they steered Emperor to become one of the UK’s leading creative agencies, while growing a team of over 230 talented people.