Lockdown: Our silver linings

Posted in News on 6 April 2022
By Steve Kemp, Chief Executive Officer

I remember 23rd March 2020 vividly. It was just over two years ago and everyone was glued to their television for Boris give us the inevitable instructions to ‘stay at home and save lives.’ I remember the uncertainty of going into completely unchartered territory, both personally and professionally.  

To mark the two-year milestone, I asked several of my colleagues what their lockdown silver linings were. Amid the tough times, it’s interesting to see where people’s brains have gone: straight to family time and wellbeing, alongside the benefits of new ways of working and greater connectedness. I have shared some of the responses below. 

It's improved family time:

Hybrid working has allowed a better work-life balance:

Greater visibility and more connectedness:

Engaged with clients:

We've become more caring:

A catalyst for change:



Locked down but not shutting up shop

Over the past 12 months, our people have risen to the occasion, delivering outstanding creativity and expert insight.


2022: The trends shaping us 

Business model, operating model, strategy, risks, ESG commitments, corporate narrative, brand narrative, visual identity. After this period of upheaval and as we start re-setting our ways of working, I don’t think that there is a business out there that hasn’t challenged at least one of the above.