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2024 has brought vast change to the reporting and corporate communications landscape. Companies are facing a wave of new regulations, coupled with increasing demand for information from broadening audiences - investors, rating agencies, regulators, customers, clients, employees, the list goes on.

To succeed, companies must now walk a tightrope between meeting these ever-growing compliance requirements, while telling an authentic and differentiating story that connects with all audiences.

So, how can you get this balance right? How can you stand out in a landscape demanding comparability? And what are the drivers of future success?

Our summer event series will explore these issues. We’ll introduce the principles we believe will shape the future of reporting and corporate communications and share our most recent research into best practice FTSE 350 and AIM reporting.

Register to attend below - you can select one or several events.

5th June (12:00-13:00) Integrated, data-driven, and tech-enabled reporting: staying ahead of evolving sustainability regulations

Against the backdrop of evolving sustainability regulations (including CSRD and ISSB), the reporting environment is demanding greater transparency, better quality sustainability disclosures, long-term vision, and audited data across the full financial and non-financial spectrum. Companies must increasingly demonstrate integrated thinking to support long-term sustainable business performance. Join us as we consider how companies should respond to these regulatory demands and expectations around sustainability. We’ll look at best practice integrated strategies and narratives, the use of double materiality to set the foundations for robust reporting, and how companies are considering both risks and opportunities across the full value chain. We’ll also consider the importance of leveraging technical solutions to manage sustainability data.

18th June (12:00-13:00) Digital-first reporting journeys: finding the best channels to engage your audiences

Most people now access reporting suites digitally. Join us as we explore how to enhance your reporting communications through interactivity, multimedia, real-time reporting, and personalised experiences. We’ll look at techniques you can use to reach a wider target audience, and discuss how the findings from our FTSE 350 research show others using digital and social media to take their stories further.

3rd July (12:00-13:00) Audience-centric and accessible communications: tailoring experiences to meet individual needs

More people than ever are expecting insightful disclosure from companies on wide-ranging and stakeholder-specific issues. But differing audiences have differing needs – and no two people read reports in the same way. Join us as we explore how companies can optimise reporting suites to meet the needs of all their audiences. We’ll discuss best practice from our FTSE 350 research, consider how and why your communications must be accessible to everyone, and provide guidance on how to connect with a key audience: current and potential employees. We’ll also consider what the future might look like, and the role of AI in creating highly personalised and tailored content.

11th September (12:00-13:00) The future of small cap and AIM reporting: data-driven storytelling to attract long-term investors

Against a backdrop of ongoing macroeconomic and market uncertainty, authentic and credible reporting is more important than ever for smaller companies to build visibility and attract long-term investors. Join us as we explore the issues that matter most to investors/stakeholders, from growth opportunities to governance, ESG and climate change, and discuss best practice reporting from our AIM 100 research. You’ll learn how companies are using data-driven storytelling to quantify opportunities and risks, demonstrate progress and showcase outcome-focussed governance practices. You’ll also gain insight into tailored digital communications and reporting suites, and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

25th September (12:00-13:00) Integrated reporting: a powerful tool for driving long-term sustainable value in the Middle East

In the wake of COP28's success last year in Dubai, companies across the Middle East are gearing up to align with the challenging targets set on the international stage. To achieve this, they must revisit their business models and look at how the integration of sustainability, stakeholder engagement and governance can deliver positive financial returns. Join us as we discuss how true integration strategies can deliver long-term value. We’ll share best practice guidance from our Middle East PJSC research, and consider how integrated reporting could be the secret tool to drive companies to reshape their strategies, enhance stakeholder engagement, and foster innovation in the GCC region.

For any queries, contact [email protected]. View our previous event recordings on our YouTube channel.