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“Once upon a time…” In just four words, most of us are immediately transported back to a place of wonder and mystery. Storytelling is at the heart of good communication – but it’s perhaps more fundamental than that.

Jonathan Gotschall, an American specialist on evolution, came up with ‘Homo Fictus’ – the storytelling animal. As a species, we’re hardwired for stories. They generate a quick and resonant emotional response. That’s no matter the subject, the vertical, or the audience.

At Emperor, we’re in the business of helping organisations communicate clearly to gain the cut-through they seek with compelling storytelling. As the lanes our clients work in get ever more crowded, it seems that the volume button has no maximum.

Choosing the right canvas

Separating what is signal from noise is critical – and it might just come down to choosing the right canvas. Whether the audience is in the building or out in the market, they’re crying out to be engaged in a manner that respects their intelligence, their attention span and their interests.

Corporate narratives are stories in their own right – and film is a vivid expression of an organisation’s strategy and position. It sticks. Back to that nifty moniker ‘Homo Fictus’ – we’re built to understand and retain stories.

But harnessing film in the right way is key…

  1. Define your universal truth: Although detail is key, jargon and rhetoric often leave things feeling a little functional. Seek that universal truth that underpins any messaging – what’s the one thing we can all connect to? Clear the way, find it and allow it to guide you.
  2. Think holistically: Our client’s nuances and challenges are many and varied; with many “stories” to tell, the need to think holistically has never been greater. Viewing film as a connected ecosystem of “episodes” rather than a one-off exercise often yields stronger results.
  3. Unpack complexity: We’re time and attention poor, so detail needs to land and resonate quickly. Being a highly visual medium, animation can often translate complexity and turn what might have been laboured into something elegant and effective.

Power in the medium

At Emperor we don’t just understand the power of film. We use it and point it at a whole host of challenges. Those of our clients, and those of our own. Addressing issues, generating conversations and surfacing insights in a manner that’s deeply respectful, always impactful and never outstaying its welcome.

We’ve recently moved from recognition to action. The Moving Image team at Emperor is quickly becoming one of the most vital parts of our creative suite, and we’ve grown it at a pace that’s matched only by our clients need to genuinely connect with audiences.

Alongside that growth has also come a much deeper appreciation of the power in the medium. It comes down to perspective and point of view. When viewed as a channel and a mode, rather than a single deliverable, it truly comes to life.

We’re investing in film, because we’re invested in telling the right stories, for the right clients in the most effective ways.

We’re hardwired for stories. This might be one of our most exciting yet.

If you’d like to hear more, please contact Philip Horbury on [email protected]