The purpose of brand

Posted in White Papers & Brand on 9 June 2022
By Keith Taylor, Head of Brand

It’s a challenging time for businesses, but also one laced with opportunity. The remit of brand and business is broadening – and the need to communicate has never been greater.

The complexity in our business and brand landscape is generated by competing priorities. Purposeful and value-driven considerations such as responsible business, EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion), transparency, sustainability, culture, talent attraction and retention are all influencing the conversation and vying for attention. 
But these competing priorities are in danger of causing inertia for businesses. A fog is forming, and the pace of change threatens to derail meaningful action. Businesses looking for a way to deal with the complexity, whilst also engaging with purpose and shared value, can do so by addressing what great brand impact looks like – particularly in the B2B sphere. 
It’s true to say that purpose and shared value are particularly more easily identifiable and measurable in a consumer brand – but we are embracing the challenge of applying it in a B2B context. We need to find a means to translate the examples of validation and success to B2B. 
Often, the two compass points of purpose (the ‘why’) and shared value (the synergy between internal and external) are not aligned. How do we bridge the gap – and connect them to business activation that drives real impact? Does brand need to appeal to a wider base of stakeholders, or do we need to return to a simple truth? 
Debating these topics and answering these questions are the rationale for this research. We want to better understand all the intricacies at play and use that knowledge to navigate the complexity. 
Our white paper aims to provide a clear path through the fog to a place where purpose doesn’t lack power, where the interplay between competing operational and cultural values becomes harmonised, and where brands understand exactly what creates enduring impact. 


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