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With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health challenge in England, we joined forces with The Photography Movement and The Harlequins Foundation to help raise awareness.

Our Role

  • Brand
  • Campaign


The campaign needed to encourage people to listen more and listen better, to help them better manage mental health challenges.


Our strategy was to make people to realise an everyday skill we take for granted is essential. Out of this, our creative idea ‘Listening is a lifesaver’ was born. We used striking portraits of professional sports people, to show that even the toughest of people can experience mental health challenges.


pieces of collateral produced for use in Harlequins' training ground, community outreach work and social channels

social media accounts reached in the first two weeks of the campaign going live

increase in social media followers in two weeks

Collectively we understand the power of listening and are proud to support the Lend an Ear campaign with our Foundation. It was an honour to lend our own ears to the campaign.

- Tabai Matson, Head Coach at The Harlequins Foundation